Debu Panda

Mount Ranier is hiding

Behind the playful clouds

As the nectar drops are falling from the sky

On a chilly spring day.

But you still see the exuberance

In the atmosphere

The temperament of the people here

Never gets dampened by the naughty weather.

The smiling faces

Under colorful umbrellas

Drawing their spirits

From their darling coffee mugs;

The contradiction

Between luxury apartments

And the homeless encampments

I overheard the conversation

That uplifted my emotions

“It’s the coldest spring

Blame it on climate change

But it will be the sixties on Sunday.”

The Space Needle

Stands proudly

As the brave face of the emerald city;

The blowing wind whispers

In my ears

“This positivity

Makes this city


And innovative”,

Seattle dazzles

Whether it rains or shines.



Spring rocked my garden

With its dancing showers

As the cool breeze

sings like a choir;

The rose plants flaunt

their gorgeous dresses

The hummingbird kisses

the flowering fruits trees

The squirrel jumps around

with happiness

And the blue jay

Shouts with joy

“Come here, dear

The spring is here.”



Your Name

Look, I wrote your name on the sky

I have inscribed your name in my heart

Combining with my name

The sun god sprinkles

Gold petals on us

And I fill the atmosphere with romance

As the love season blooms.

The bald mountains

are wearing our untold. love stories

As grasses and weeds

And my heartbeats are singing

The unspoken haiku

That I have stored for you!



First poem !

I started humming my first poem

Right after I was born;

My mom wiped the blood from my face

And said

“You are singing so much, dear

Will you be a poet or writer?”;

I was astonished

at the lights

Of the new world;

And I was trying to find verses

For life on mom’s breasts!



Hey Lord of the universe
I don’t have any might in my pen
I write using your blessings as ink
On my ripped heart as a paper!
Each letter in my poem
Sparks like your round eyes;
Without your wish
Incomplete are my verses
Like your unfinished hands.
The voice of my poems echo
Your kindness
“The world is full of bliss;
Happiness and sorrow
Are just states
In the human’s mind!”



I am waiting for your arrival
Cocooned with my solitude
Surrounded by the cacophony
Of loud music
And the senseless dance steps.

Why dear
You come only once every year
Wearing that seductive perfume
With the aroma of champagne.
Yearning for your love
I shout with madness
“Happy New Year”
When you appear
Donning the new avatar
And holding that vanity case
Filled with the promises
Of prosperity and happiness.

My mate
This year, you come on every date;
I don’t want to long for your caress
With a calendar marked off
With broken resolutions.
This year
Bring me some peace
Topped with joy and hope;
Stay with me the entire year
With your new thoughts
Intoxicating me
With honesty and generosity;
Every moment
Could you show me
The path to humanity?



Using a few Tequila shots as my ladder
I climbed into the sky
To look for my superpowers
Instead, I kept finding others’ weaknesses.
I saw from the top
The world is full of happiness and kindness
But with the glasses colored with humanity
We find only sorrow and cruelty.

Why one has to be high
To realize
Joy and hopes fill the atmosphere
But we breathe only despair ;
Burying our moment’s happiness
With unwanted anxiety and worries.

With our egos on the driver seat
We embark our lives into hell
Searching for prosperity, peace
And the ultimate bliss
Forgetting the world is the heaven
Full of gods and goddesses
In different shapes
And shades of humans.



You dress me like a bride
Adorning me in the georgette dress;
The charming smile of colorful ornaments
Mingling with the cheerful lights
Reflect your equanimity;
You quip
“It looks like an artisan’s embroidery
Stitched with expensive jewelry”.

With loads of affection
You put the red star as my crown
And I brim with confidence
Like a princess;
Surrounded by
The soothing songs of jingling bells,
The pleasure of fresh-baked cookies
And the colorful gift boxes
Wrapped in love
And filled with happiness
Yes, I am ready for the holidays!



Debu Panda

Debu Panda

Debu is a technologist, poet, and farmer